Dimitrios ZavosDimitrios Zavos

My name is Dimitrios Zavos and I am a Fine Art Travel photographer from Greece, currently based in London, England. Oh and I look something like the guy in the photo above...

I don't really like writing about myself in the third person, so I'll do it in the first, instead.

I aim to encourage an emotional response from the viewer with my photography. I photograph things that "have a story to tell" for my Fine Art images and I strive to capture beauty for my Travel work.

I am persistent. I truly believe perfection is achievable and I keep going back until I achieve that rare feeling of completion.

I know my gear and what I can do with it.

I travel a lot and I have a day job (which is how I manage to travel a lot...)

I am also quite sociable, so if you wish to know more about me or my photography, why don't you contact me here?

Thank you for being interested.